About Steven Merzlak
My journey in the world of graphic design began when I was 10. I was tired of racing as real drivers in my racing games, so I started painting my own cars instead. Soon I was painting cars for my friends, then freelance clients, and now professional teams and companies.
Some of my favorite graphic designers include Lance Wyman, Sam Bass, Noah Sweet, Allan Fleming, Susan Kare, and Emile Bouret. I also enjoy the works of René Magritte, Wes Wilson, Ed Roth, and Chip Foose.
When I’m not designing, I enjoy discovering new music, watching movies, and following sports, especially NASCAR.

Cranberry Township, PA

Favorite Mediums
Livery Design
Logo Creation
Branding & Packaging

Favorite Tools
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
My resume is also available for download here.
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